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News:OS/2 : Firefox ESR 24.3.0 for OS/2 beta
投稿者: MSakai 投稿日時: 2014/05/31 11:29:24 (1833 ヒット)

Firefox 24.3.0 for eCS (OS/2) Beta

ようやく Firefox 24.3.0 beta for OS/2 が登場したのですが、制限事項として、

* Due to bugs in MMPM, the current version of Firefox runs the Flash plugin in "in-process" (traditional) mode instead of the new OOP (out-of-process) mode used on other platforms. This will be fixed in future releases.

* The OpenJDK (Java) plugin works but there are some problems with window updates. This is to be addressed in future releases.

* The @font-face HTML attribute is not yet supported. As a result, tiny boxes with hex numbers are displayed instead of characters on pages that use it.

* Fonts with names containing special characters (like Asian Unicode names) will not display correctly in the list of fonts in the Options panel.

* Mozilla apps will beep when copying more than 64 kB of text to the clipboard. This is to alert users that many applications (most notably the system editor, EPM, and applications running in VIO windows) cannot paste more than this.

* Other known problems can be found by following this link:


それから Firefox ESR 17 beta に準じた DLL を要求されますが、最新のpthread v.20140425 や GCC Core 1.2.2 が必要になるかもです。この機会にチェックしておきましょう。

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 Re: Firefox ESR 24.3.0 for OS/2 beta
GCC4 Runtime Library 1.2.2は必須でした。

Firefox ESR 10 がサクサク感じる環境では、ちょっと重いですね。しかも Flash plugins (wrapper 0.4.2) にアクセスするページのロードにも時間がかかります。日本語入力にもつっかかりを感じるし…


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 Firefox ESR 24 と日本語入力 MSakai 14/05/31 19:24
 Re: Firefox ESR 24.3.0 for OS/2 beta MSakai 14/06/05 02:11
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