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News:Info : Need sponsorship for supporting browser development...
投稿者: roderickklein 投稿日時: 2017/10/21 16:19:55 (844 ヒット)

Sorry to post in English. But I do not want to use google translate:

From: roderickkleinDESPAM@DESPAMxs4all.nl

The Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation is looking for people who to sponsor the DUtch OS/2 VOICE foundation to collect 10.000 Dollars to contribute to a new browser on OS/2.

Firefox for the next 2 years we can still use but we are looking for an alternative. For more details please visit the following page:

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

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 新しいFirefox は必要か?
Firefox 38.8 は Firefox Account が利用できるので便利に思ったが、ブラウザが重すぎて最近 ArcaOS でもっぱら使うのは Aurora だったり(もっぱら Hobbes と Arca Noae しか行かないからね)。

OS/2 News and Rumorsによると、

However, 52esr will be the end of the road, as newer versions require the Rust compiler, which is unlikely to be ported to OS/2. Potential future alternatives include Otter (which requires newer versions of Qt) and Pale Moon (a Mozilla fork).

Firefox 53 以降では OS/2 に移植されそうにない Rust コンパイラが必要になるので、Qt ブラウザの OtterPale Moonの移植が現実的とか…そのための Sponsorship らしいね。

こういうの聞いちゃうと、ますます Windows や Android と連携できる 38.8 でいいやと思う。
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