Firefox 45.9.0 for OS/2 GA2

投稿日時 2018/05/23 19:10:23 | トピック: News:OS/2

漸く、Firefox 45.9.0のOS/2版GA2が公開されました。

Firefox 45.9.0 GA2 (2018-05-20)

- Fix Japanese text display (regression of 38.x builds).

- Fine tune compiler optimization to produce faster JavaScript code and at
the same time make XUL.DLL more compact (its size is now 25% less).

- Prevent possible race conditions that could lead to UI freezes when
entering system-provided modal event loops.

- Restore the maximum time to process native UI events to what it was in
version 38.x (20 ms) which improves the overall UI responsiveness on
web-pages involving intensive use of JavaScript.

- Add information about workarounds for unresponsive UI to README.OS2
("Known Problems" section).