ArcaOS 5.0.6 now available

投稿日時 2020/09/07 13:38:05 | トピック: News:OS/2


Updated JFS to 1.9.8.
Updated brlaser CUPS print driver.
Updated NetDrive Samba plugin to 3.7.1.
Updated VirtualBox Additions to 6.1.12; improved packaging.
Updated FAT32 to 5.0.3.
Updated ACPI to 3.23.14.
Updated eCo Runtime Base & Win to 20200525.
Updated NAPS help (minor).
Updated Panorama to 1.16.
Updated TestLog to 3.32.
Updated PRINTMAN to 0.8.6 (proper filtering of non-current-codepage PPD strings).
Updated CUPSWIZ to 1.20 (proper filtering of non-current-codepage PPD strings).
Fixed repeating "EPSON" string in generated printer driver list.
(Installer) Various minor layout fixes.
(Installer) Moved Media Folder creation to phase 2 to avoid potential hang in phase 3.