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     Warpstock Europe

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投稿日時: 15/05/27 23:28
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登録日: 07/11/11
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Re: Warpstock Europe
On the 6/7th of June in Munich the OS/2 conference Warpstock Europe 2015 will be held, hosted by OS/2 VOICE and sponsored by Arca Noae LLC.

The schedule of presentations is now online for Warpstock Europe. The last *small* updates will follow later this night and tomorrow morning (May 24th).

For more information visit the website:

The current list of speakers can be found here:

Please note you need to reserve your access to the event and lunch before 1st of June. We are trying to extend this registration with the hostel for a couple of more days, but this is uncertain!

Its not possible to buy lunch at the hostel during the event. We asked if this was possible, but the answer was no.

Also we did not want to look this year for volunteers that wait for people that want to buy a reservation for Warpstock during the event. The access is priced in our opinion very well.

The reason the tickets are sold by Arca Noae is because they are the main sponsor of Warpstock Europe. You can buy tickets via this URL:


If you are coming from the airport of Munich or you are coming to Munich by train. There should be no train strikes from the German traincompany Deutsche Bahn! The trade unions have made a deal not go on strike. That means any train strikes should occur AFTER Warpstock Europe.

Hope to see you visiting Warpstock Europe in Munich.


Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE
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