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     Warpstock Europe

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投稿日時: 15/05/19 18:22
Quite a regular
登録日: 07/11/11
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Warpstock Europe
Roderick Kleinによるとのインフォメーション:

Anyway the website for Warpstock Europe is coming together. About 2 months ago I had 2 people who could help out with Warpstock Europe but they could no commit really. But that was not because they did not want to... They where extremely busy. So I organized the event myself.

* The current archive pages will stay up on typo3. But next year we will have a new website running on Wordpress or Joomla. That way the pages will be up quicker! It took a lot of work to update Typo3.

* May 18th I will update the pages with most of the presenters and presentations.
For people who can not make it to Warpstock Europe 2015. An MP3 audio stream will be offered. The program of which presentations will be streamed
will be published next week. For details please visit: http://www.warpstock.eu/en/agenda/live_audio_stream.html

* Over the last couple of years it was possible to buy a ticket at the event. This is no longer possible as a volunteer had to sit behind a table waiting for people. Also the VOICE foundation (www.os2voice.org) does not have any cash money. Also I need to indicate to the hostel in advanced how many people are coming so they can provide enough coffee and tea! Hence the reason you need to reserve your access in advanced!

* Also note that lunch _cannot_ be purchased at the hostel. I was clearly told by the booking office of A&O hostels this is not possible!

So you need to buy your access in advanced via:

The reason Arca Noae deals with the bookings is because they sponsor VOICE partly to organize Warpstock Europe 2015.

* The following speakers will make a presentation(s) at WarpStock Europe 2015:

David Azarewicz, participant in Arca Noae LLC
Roderick Klein, chairman of the VOICE International
Steve Levine, independant OS/2 developer (remote via Skype)
Keith Merrington, OS/2 developer
Lewis Rosenthal, participant in Arca Noae LLC
Gregg Young, independant OS/2 developer

Program and topics of the presentations will be added to the website tonight and tomorow.

Hope to see you at Warpstock Europe 2015 in Munich on the 6 and 7th of June. For more information please visit www.warpstock.eu.


Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE
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