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     Blue Lion

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投稿日時: 15/10/31 15:33
Home away from home
登録日: 11/07/14
居住地: フィリピン海プレート上の静岡県
投稿: 289
Re: Access the Bugtracker
火山のことについて図書館で調べものをしにきたら閉館してやがったので、近所の Mcdonalds で暇つぶしがてら、eComStation Bugtracker にある興味深い投稿をいくつか紹介してみる。

0003691: Unable to reformat the installation partition previously formatted FAT32 during installation (2015年10月11日)

I'm unable to install beta 2 when the installation partition has been previously formatted FAT32. No matter if I try to reformat with HPFS or JFS, the format fails. The message is different for HPFS and different for JFS. The message for HPFS specifically says HPFS, but I believe that is the matter of wording. SYS0540 is for HPFS and SYS0528 for JFS. There is another message following the fist one, but only the beginning is visible as there is only 1 line for messages (this small window for messages should also be addressed as an issue). The message is the same for both HPFS and JFS: SYS1311 The system... (this is all that's visible). The partition size is only 20 GB and JFS should handle far more than FAT32 anyway.

eComStation 2.2 beta2 Installer が FAT32 フォーマットされた 20GB ボリュームのフォーマットに失敗する問題。HPFS でフォーマットしようとすると SYS0540 が、JFS でフォーマットしようとすると SYS0528 が、そして双方のフォーマットで SYS1311 は出るという。

# それぞれのエラーコードについては、OS/2エラーメッセージリストを参照のこと。


This should not be related to bug 3690 as the partitions on that hard drive can be successfully formatted when connected to a non-SATA3 controller operating in IDE mode (that's how the system is booted). I don't want to pre-format the installation partition when booted from another disk as the format should work regardless of what the existing file systems is. Another partition (2 GB only) on the same disk pre-formatted with FAT can be successfully formatted again during installation time, so this makes me think it's the existing FAT32 format that is the problem.

とある。同一ディスク上の 2GB なら問題なくフォーマットできたと。そのため FAT32 の問題ではないかと考えているらしい。

ちなみに言及されているひとつ前の Bug 0003690: Unable to install (format fails) due to what it seems to be an AHCI bug (2015年10月11日)

I'm unable to install beta 2 on a system based on Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 motherboard when a hard drive is connected to SATA3 controller. Short format sometimes works, but long format fails or (more often) never completes producing periodic beeps. Occasionally, the installation will hang on detecting disks, but most often it is the long format that will never complete.
Additional Information To troubleshoot the issue I installed beta 2 on an old SCSI disk to have an operating environment to troubleshoot. When booted from that disk (to bypass SATA/IDE drivers altogether) I could issue format command from a window. When I try to format any partition on a disk connected to SATA3 controller the error message keeps coming every few seconds accompanied by a beep: "Internal error: devices.c(532): Write error 31 (GEN_FAILURE)". This will never stop, even if format is left running for many hours.
When the SATA3 controller mode is changed from AHCI to IDE, the disk is not even visible under eCS. I guess Dani's driver cannot operate SATA3 controller in IDE mode. When I connect the disk to another SATA controller (not SATA3) and I change the mode to IDE, I can format any partition without any issue, which clearly points to a problem with AHCI driver.

Gigabyte 770TA-UD3 motherboard のシステムで SATA3 コントローラに接続されたハードディスクが short fomat ではうまくいくときもあるけど、log format では失敗するか beep 音の嵐になる問題。

そのひとつ前の報告は今年3月の Bug 0003689: English version of 2.2 installs Print manager with printmen.msg. However the file is actually in german。これはファイルを差し替えるだけなので 6 月に解決になっているが…。

ねえ、本当に eComStation 2.2 GA はリリースできるの? GA リリース前に beta3 は必要ないの?

素晴らしきかなOS/2 *** TeamOS/2 Japan ***

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