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     Blue Lion

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投稿日時: 15/11/04 02:07
Home away from home
登録日: 11/07/14
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Re: Blue Lion
>OS/2: Blue Lion to be the next distro of the 28-year-old OS - TechRepublic

New features

Features new to the Blue Lion distribution include a completely reworked installation process, which will allow for installation from USB drives. The developers are also researching network installation. Like modern installers for Windows or Linux distributions, it would include the ability to connect to the internet during installation to download the latest packages, ensuring that the system is completely up to date, out of the box. Work on correcting SMP support, among other features, is also planned.


Blue Lion ディストリビューションの新たな機能には、USB ドライブからのインストールを可能にする、インストーラの完全なリワークが含まれています。開発者はネットワークインストールについても研究中です。Windows や Linux の今どきのインストーラは、最新の状態を保つ最新のパッケージをダウンロードするために、インストールの最中インターネットに接続する機能が含まれます。そのほかには SMP サポートの修正作業も計画されています。

Release date

When it comes to release dates, Lewis Rosenthal, the Managing Member of Arca Noae (and treasurer of WarpStock), was emphatic ― though realistic ― about the difficulty and
workload involved in assembling a new OS distribution.
Much of the work for modern device drivers is already done and presently available for purchase. A new installer and fixes for low-level issues that persist in OS/2 Warp 4.52 and e-Business Server will be merged into one product as Blue Lion.

Araca Noae の管理と Warpstock の会計を担当する Lews Rosenthal 氏は―現実的とはしながらも―新しい OS ディストリビューションの組み立てにかかわる作業負荷と難しさについて強調した。現代的なデバイスドライバのための作業はすでに行われ、現在購入可能です。OS/2 Warp 4.52 と e-Business Server (Aurora) に存在する低レベルな問題の修正や新しいインストーラは Blue Lion として一製品にマージされるでしょう。

According to Rosenthal, Q3 2016 is as fast as humanly possible to reach general availability, while not being half baked. He is also quick to note that this is not vaporware ― a sizable upfront investment has been made in this product, the programmers are experienced, and the demand is substantial enough that IBM signed the contracts.

Alex Taylor, a Yokohama-based developer for Arca Noae who gave a presentation via Skype at WarpStock, stated in an email that: "We've found that not only are there a surprising number of such customers, but they also want us to make it as smooth and painless as possible for them to keep using, maintaining, and even deploying OS/2 systems. We already provide basic hardware support through our driver offerings; if we can provide them with top to bottom support starting right from operating system installation, it should make things simpler and more cost-effective for all parties. What's more, developing Blue Lion better positions us to address any special requirements of hardware, software, or infrastructure for our customers."

Warpstock に Skype 経由でプレゼンテーションを行った横浜在住の Arca Noae の開発者 Alex Taylor 氏は、電子メールでこのように述べました:「…」

あれ、Alt さんはまた日本にいらっしゃるのですね。

素晴らしきかなOS/2 *** TeamOS/2 Japan ***

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