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     Blue Lion

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投稿日時: 15/11/04 08:40
Home away from home
登録日: 11/07/14
居住地: フィリピン海プレート上の静岡県
投稿: 289
Re: Blue Lion
Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth? • The Register

Those still using the 28-year-old operating system and its applications typically run the stack in a virtualized environment on modern reliable hardware. The bare-metal OS will be freed from its virtual prison, and released to the world, in the third quarter of next year, we're told.

"The focus will be on running a full OS/2 implementation on bare metal, not just in virtual machines," Arca Noae said, "and toward that goal we plan to do a considerable amount of testing on popular, industry-standard hardware."

素晴らしきかなOS/2 *** TeamOS/2 Japan ***

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   Blue Lion MSakai 15/10/26 22:40
     Re: Blue Lion MSakai 15/10/27 06:59
       Access the Bugtracker MSakai 15/10/29 04:03
         eComStation is still alive. (生存確認) MSakai 15/10/29 21:06
         Re: Access the Bugtracker MSakai 15/10/31 15:33
       Re: Blue Lion MSakai 15/11/04 02:07
       » Re: Blue Lion MSakai 15/11/04 08:40
           Re: Blue Lion MSakai 15/11/04 21:22
             Re: Blue Lion alt 15/11/16 22:39
     Re: Blue Lion torakun 15/12/04 21:40
       ACPI 3.21.06 でなんかフィックス入ってた MSakai 15/12/07 21:57
         Re: ACPI 3.21.06 でなんかフィックス入ってた MSakai 15/12/08 08:39
           Re: ACPI 3.21.06 でなんかフィックス入ってた torakun 15/12/08 23:26
             Re: ACPI 3.21.06 でなんかフィックス入ってた MSakai 15/12/10 22:02
               Panorama VESA 1.07 を適用してみた結果 MSakai 15/12/16 06:56
                 一度 Arca Noae ドライバを全部試してみるか MSakai 15/12/16 09:57
           非 OS/2 システムにも導入可能な ACPI 3.22.09 が開発中 MSakai 16/01/03 23:27
             あれ?arcanoae.com にログインできない MSakai 16/06/01 23:15
               Re: あれ?arcanoae.com にログインできない MSakai 16/06/01 23:47

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